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  Erebus cde8feb3c0 v0.0.9 3 months ago
  Erebus 9e7255b556 Merge branch 'dev' 3 months ago
  Erebus 8992bba8e1 Fix 3 months ago
  Erebus 3589587f84 . 3 months ago
  erebus d268e2f6ac v0.0.9 (#9) 3 months ago
  Erebus bc09aec49c Bug fix 3 months ago
  Erebus 162ff881fc Merge v0.0.8 3 months ago
  Erebus e0b4d96fea Bug fixes 3 months ago
  Erebus 6962d6fc04 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://pi.rikspolisen.se:2222/foundryvtt/kopparhavet 4 months ago
  Erebus 3f044c0b97 fixed missing link 4 months ago
  erebus cace9cc899 0.0.7 (#7) 4 months ago
  Erebus 662d015afd merge conflicts 4 months ago
  Erebus 03362e7a38 0.0.7 4 months ago
  erebus 0c1729a4b4 Uppdatera 'system.json' 8 months ago
  erebus 77806b38c4 v0.0.6 8 months ago
  Erebus 376a3e37d7 merge fixes 8 months ago
  Erebus d83570f261 Finished up for version 0.0.6 8 months ago
  Erebus 20565d8409 Finished up for version 0.0.6 8 months ago
  erebus 3fd49d32bc 0.0.5 (#5) 9 months ago
  Erebus 5c74186066 finishing for version 0.0.5 9 months ago
  Erebus 7e332af709 Merge branch 'master' into dev 1 year ago
  erebus b771c7f088 v0.0.4 (#4) 1 year ago
  Erebus 43d4634e97 v0.0.4 merge fixes 1 year ago
  Erebus e631883a44 v0.0.4 fixes 1 year ago
  erebus c103fac27c v0.0.4 (#3) 1 year ago
  Erebus a496eca37f Merge conflict fix 1 year ago
  Erebus 1a24e7facf Added weapons packs, ship sheet 1 year ago
  Erebus c6cc01bb25 added armor pack, updated skills pack, initial work on ship sheet, minor fixes, added options for spell cost to be drawn on roll 1 year ago
  erebus 2e389704ea v0.0.3 1 year ago
  Erebus 4cb6c390a4 Finishing v0.0.3 1 year ago
  Erebus ce1e29aefb layout fixes 1 year ago
  Erebus 374cc522f3 layout fixes 1 year ago
  Erebus 836875459c Added support for rolling skill on spells 1 year ago
  Erebus cbafeede44 Fixed typo 1 year ago
  Erebus 14a77c37b9 Fixed migration 1 year ago
  Erebus d94636bbe6 Fixed migration, Spell Skill 1 year ago
  Erebus 6f6a1e7e2d Cleaned up the code 1 year ago
  Erebus 54ac488e73 Fixed Hjältarnas Tid skill error, updated layout, fixed buttons not working 1 year ago
  Erebus 6f8200c82a Fixed right click menu for weapons 1 year ago
  Erebus bec12184da Added roll dialog and exceptional rolls 1 year ago
  Erebus 86192d0a3e Updated skills styling 1 year ago
  Erebus 6f030bd6b5 Final v0.0.2 1 year ago
  Erebus 512d0de4e5 Updated README 1 year ago
  Erebus ef6cc11bcb Updated README 1 year ago
  Erebus bb5d29e28e Updated README 1 year ago
  Erebus d42988e859 Updated README 1 year ago
  Erebus d804187215 Minor fixes 1 year ago
  Erebus c3a7388592 first commit 1 year ago